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BSP Products


BSP EDM Pinions.

Super accurate, EDM cut pinions. These are available in 6t 80 pitch 1.5mm bore and 7t 72 pitch 2mm. Both are made from harden stainless steel to give good wear rates and superb performance. Only £20 each.



BSP Proslot Aluminium Endbell.

Aluminium endbell's are more accurate and much more efficient at dissipating the heat build up around the brushes. This heat build up reduces motor performance and life. The hole pattern is aligned for the light Proslot can. £12.50.



BSP Blueprinted Motors (POA).

Our blueprinted motors have dominated Open 12 racing in the UK for several seasons. They are precisely assembled and run in before despatch. The range of blueprinted motors now includes: S16D, Box stock, Group12 and ball-raced motors for 1/32 and 1/24 scale racing. All of our C can motors feature Proslot armatures made to our own specification.


Quality axle and motor ball races.

A complete range of open and shielded ball races for axle and motor. The selection includes 10 ball shielded axle races and CERAMIC axle bearings.



9mm Guide Nuts.

Standard (£1 each) and super light (£2 each) guides nuts. These guide nuts are designed to fit the European style wrenches. The super light nut is for the slot racing connoisseur looking for the very best from their cars.



Lightweight, Non magnetic axle (£5 each). (out of stock)

Precision ground, and roll tested, high grade alloy axle. These axles increase car performance by reducing the 'drag' on the rear axle caused by the motor magnets. A noticeable performance difference in strap cars. These axles will also increase the life of the ball-races. Not recommend for use in oilites.



Further in house products:


Licky' Brian's acid flux, with brush applicator.

Super high quality Silver solder for added strength in joints @ £3 a length.

‘Soft’ F1 front wheels @ £8 a pair.

BSP bearing holders.

BSP braid.

BSP wheels and tyres.